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About Sandra Stone

I am an award-winning poet, playwright, librettist, assemblagist; writer of short fiction. My working life as a conceptual artist is in collaboration with architects. I have been honored with multiple commissions for public interiors and the landscape. In collaboration with three composers my comic operas and a performance piece will premiere November 2015.

Of these I ask which is more lasting? The resonance of a note? The juxtaposition of disparate words on a page? Or words incised in stone eroded by acid rain? I write in a light-filled room in Portland, Oregon. Sandra Stone lives elsewhere.

My Books

"Reading Sandra Stone's fierce, brawling tumult and outcry is like entering a new country. I have never read anyone who writes like she does and it is amazing and you should spend an unforgettable day in her country.

-Brian Doyle, author

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Architecture Projects

I am sorry to report the architectural site has had to undergo repair. A structure is vulnerable until the scaffold is removed.

Contact Sandra Stone

Feel free to email me, or follow me on social media to contact me about my work or to just say hello!


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